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Racor VMT – PDRS System

The 100,000 gallon (380 m3) per day PDRS is an Expeditionary Unit Water Purification System capable of supplying potable water from virtually any water source, including NBC contaminated sources. The expeditionary configuration of the PDRS is ideal for meeting both civilian and military operational needs such as nation building, stability and support operations, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, homeland security and homeland defense missions.  View and print downloads


Expeditionary Unit Water Purification Systems, Generation 2

 The EUWP Generation 2 is a full-scale prototype of an advanced water purification unit. This prototype will be used for developmental testing to validate the design concept for use as a possible retrofit system for the CVN-68 Nimitz class nuclear aircraft carriers. It is derived from the EUWP Generation 1, which is a mobile water purification unit designed for ground deployment to remote locations for support of military operations, nation-building, humanitarian aid, and disaster relief. The Gen 2 unit incorporates enhanced technology to reduce energy consumption, size, weight, and maintenance burden compared with present naval desalination plants.  View and print downloads

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