Kaydon Filtration


Kaydon Filtration has been a leader in fuel and oil conditioning for more than 70 years.  Green Marine is your Kaydon contact in the Gulf South region of the U.S.  


Kaydon Filtration coalescers are specifically formulated to efficiently separate water from a variety of fluids like aviation fuel, diesel fuel, turbine oil, etc.

Compact solution for Fuel Condition on board a variety of vessels. New Tier 2 and Tier 3 engines coming into the market, we have seen a rise in engine injector failure for our customers due to poor filtration practices. These injectors are very sensitive to WATER and contaminants and extremely costly. Also, Kaydon system reach the same fuel cleanliness level as a centrifuge, however a centrifuge must filter the fuel 6X before it achieves the same level of dryness as Kaydon systems do in one pass.

Since the founder of our company, Sylvanus Freelove Bowser, perfected the self-measuring water pump in 1888, the Kaydon Filtration organization has continually grown and championed innovation.  For the past 70 years, we have set the standards in oil filtration and conditioning that others have tried to duplicate.  Beginning with the breakthrough performance of the Bowser 832P system and moving up to our current state-of-the-art Turbo Tocã Turbine Oil Conditioning System, Kaydon Filtration continues to respond to specific needs in the marketplace with innovations that are designed to perform – now and for decades to come.

Kaydon Filtration Products
This compact durable system that can improve your bulk fuel transfer process.
This system will provide you quality filtration for both diesel and jet fuel.
851s and 852s
These Fuel/Water Separator
Vessels are designed and
constructed in accordance
with ASME Code and can be
used Jet fuel or Diesel Fuel
VKS Series
Our VKS series vessels are of all steel ASME construction
designed for in-line applications
requiring rugged construction
and long term durability.
Clean Fuel System
This system offers the best backup for your diesel power generators.
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