Everpure Bromination

Water quality is an important element of your ship’s operation and maintaining crew’s morale.  Keeping water safe and healthy is mandatory. Everpure Bromination is the best disinfection for off-shore potable water, and is a safer, more efficient solution than chlorine.  Green Marine can help you identify the Everpure products that best fit your needs, ensure proper installation, and provide guidance on product maintenance.  Contact Green Marine today for a quote.

If you think chlorine is the best, most reliable way to treat your off-shore potable water, you may be surprised to learn that, when compared to chlorination, Everpure Bromination is safer to use, provides equivalent disinfection more easily, and won’t corrode your plumbing system like chlorine does.

  About Bromination

For many years, practical use of elemental bromine was restricted because of its hazardous properties. However, engineers at Everpure and Dow Chemical developed a unique stabilizing process, which eliminates the inherent dangers of elemental bromine by converting ion exchange resin to polybromide form. The result is a material suited to the water treatment requirements of cruise vessels, navy ships, recreational boats, work boats and off-shore platforms. The ease and efficiency of using a brominating system with replaceable cartridges is far more desirable than the time consuming and unpleasant task of preparing chlorine solutions from dry chlorine powder.

  SSFM-50 Brominator

The ultra-reliable SSFM-50 series of brominators provide safe, effective disinfection for marine vessels.

Bromine is 4-10 times less noticeable in water than Chlorine, giving you better-tasting water. Yet it provides more disinfectant effectiveness across a broader range of pH range. This is one reason why the SSFM series of proportioning brominators are found on US Navy, USCG, USACE and NOAA ships around the globe.

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