Cathelco is a world leading designer and manufacturer of equipment for ships and offshore installations.  The product range includes marine pipework anti-fouling (AF) systems and impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems to safeguard the hulls of commercial and naval vessels against corrosion. 

Cathelco also manufactures ballast water equipment to keep our coastal waters free from non-native, nuisance, exotic species that can cause distructive ecological and economic damage to aquatic ecosystems.  The technology focuses on filtration and UV radiation.

Cathelco supplies AF and ICCP systems for all ocean going vessels, tugs, workboats, offshore platforms, semi-submersibles, FPSOs and FSOs for the offshore energy sector. 

Green Marine is the most recognized full-service distributor of cathodic protection and anti-fouling solutions and ballast systems on the Gulf Coast, selling and servicing clients from Florida to Texas, and other off-shore companies who rely on Green Marine’s expertise. To view videos and download brochures, click on the descriptive links.

Please contact us for more details at 504-833-7386, or to obtain a quote for products.

ICCP Systems for Vessels

Cathelco has developed a range of impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems for vessels of every type. Whatever the vessel, Cathelco can provide the ultimate in effectiveness and reliability to combat hull corrosion. The introduction of the C-Max anode range provides numerous advantages in terms of high performance and ease of installation. These anodes are lightweight, diver changeable and produce a high output from a small footprint.

Seawater Pipework AF System

The Cathelco system has proved to be an extremely effective and versatile system for eliminating blockages in seawater pipework caused by bio-fouling. Without anti-fouling protection, pipes become encrusted with organisms leading to partial or total blockages which reduce the efficiency of the seawater cooling system.


Anti Fouling Systems & Cathodic Protection


Ballast Water – Filtration, Separation, and Treatment


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