BLÜCHER has a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of quality stainless steel drainage products and systems. BLÜCHER’s product line includes BLÜCHER sanitary discharge systems that are reliable, durable, and  pressure- and chemical-resistant for heavy use in a marine environment.

Green Marine is the BLÜCHER distributor for the U.S. Gulf of Mexico region, from Florida to Texas.  Please contact us for more details at 504-833-7386, or to obtain a quote for products.




BLÜCHER sanitary discharge systems have proven their functionality and reliability in over 3,275,000 yards of piping installed in more than 900 vessels. Cruise ships, ferries, luxury yachts, naval vessels, cargo vessels, off-shore platforms and offshore vessels are all places you’ll find drainage solutions from BLÜCHER.

Specialized for Marine Applications

The marine industry relies on the performance of our solutions at sea, where durability and light weight are essential. Clean and hygienic conditions in cabins, kitchens and sanitary facilities are important elements contributing to efficiency onboard. Properly treated stainless steel has a uniquely smooth surface that guarantees maximum flow capacity. Due to its low surface roughness, bacterial growth on stainless steel is significantly less than on, for example, plastic and ordinary steel surfaces.

Strong and Light-weight

Stainless steel is strong, durable, pressure- and chemical-resistant. Offshore platforms, naval vessels, and commercial ships of all kinds appreciate the obvious benefits of BLÜCHER installations. Shaped without rough corners or edges, cleaning and maintaining stainless steel takes minimum effort and time. The removable water trap provides easy rodding access. In addition, stainless steel is a light-weight material contributing to the total low weight of the vessel.

Classic Stainless Steel Design

BLÜCHER drainage systems have been developed in co-operation with some of the most progressive yards. The modular system provides an optimum solution for any deck construction. BLÜCHER provides drainage solutions removing water from galleys, door openings, showers, deck areas and engine rooms. Using stainless steel sanitary discharge systems onboard provide countless advantages over other materials. Low weight, fire protection and hygiene are of great importance in connection with marine applications, not to mention the classic and aesthetic look of stainless steel design.

BLÜCHER has a long history of putting stainless steel to practical use in sustainable solutions. BLÜCHER’s continued ability to meet its customers’ needs lies in developing tough, lightweight, stylish products with a high level of service.


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