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Atlas Incinerators are designed for simultaneous burning of sludge oil and solid waste — Sludge Oil and Solid Waste incineration for Installation onboard Ships, for the Offshore Industry and in Power Plants. Prevention of oil and garbage pollution at sea are key words for Atlas Incinerators.  With more than 10,000 units delivered for shipboard or offshore installation, we have an international sales and service organization serving customers worldwide.  Green Marine represents ATLAS Incinerators in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.


Model Features:
  • Multi chambered design
  • Simultaneous burning of sludge oil and solid waste
  • Burning oil sludge with up to 50% water without pilot fuel
  • Induced draught air ejector for evacuation of flue gases; hence Flue Gas Fan is not required.
  • Certificates: MED, IMO, USCG and all leading classification societies



Incinerators can be supplied in six different sizes.  The energy transformation is ranging from 209 kW (180,000 kcal/h) to 2326 kW (2,000,000 kcal/h), equivalent to burning sludge oil of IMO composition with 20% water content from 24 l/h to 270 l/h. 


Our incinerators can be supplied for incineration of : Sludge oil only,  Solid waste only, Simultaneous incineration of sludge oil and solid waste.  They are available with a waste sluice arrangement for continuous feeding of solid waste in bags up to 120 liters.  To support our incinerators, we supply a range of sludge oil mixing tanks and diesel oil tanks.



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