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AU started in 1963 as a manufacturer of germicidal ultraviolet fixtures and equipment utilizing germicidal ultraviolet lamps to destroy bacteria, mold and virus in air and on surfaces.   In 1970 the company began production of its own line of germicidal lamps in competition with Westinghouse and General Electric, who were the primary producers at the time.

Today, AU focuses on providing more product information and customer support for its customers – both domestic and international.  Atlantic’s goals are to continue developing strong leadership in applied ultraviolet technology, with the development of new product lines as the market demands.

Green Marine represents Atlantic Ultraviolet in the Gulf South region of the U.S. and is conveniently based in both Louisiana and Texas for easy access to our customers.  Call us today 504-833-7386  or Toll Free at 800-483-5012 for more information on the line of Atlantic Ultraviolet purifiers, lamps and germicidal disinfectent.  Click on the links to access product brochures. 

Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

The SANITRON,  MIGHTY-PURE and MEGATRON line of ultraviolet water purifiers are all manufactured in Type 316 Stainless Steel, offer a variety of features, are available for fast delivery.  Atlantic Ultraviolet engineers with quality in mind and are manufactures in the USA.    

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The most popular model, Sanitron, utilize germicidal ultraviolet lamps that produce short wave radiation lethal to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in water. 




Atlantic Ultraviolet also offers a MINIPURE line of water purifiers, which are available for low flow applications.




Ultraviolet Lamps

Atlantic Ultraviolet is also a manufacturer of germicidal ultraviolet lamps.  While they started out manufacturing only for AUC products, over the years, have branched out and now provide equivalent replacement lamps for MOST make and model UV equipment on the market today. 

Ultraviolet Air Disinfection

In addition, Atlantic Ultraviolet offers many varieties of Germicidal Ultraviolet AIR disinfection equipment.  Call us today 504-833-7386  or Toll Free at 800-483-5012



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