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For more than three decades, H2O has provided water services for many high-profile projects and has produced billions of gallons of safe potable water.  By manufacturing quality equipment and surpassing industry and government safety standards for water quality, H2O has become a leader in the energy industry.  H2O recently purchased the well known Owens brand of marine and offshore sanitation devices, becoming a one-stop source for all unique water treatment needs of the oil and gas industry.

The H2O brand offers Reverse osmosis desalinators (watermakers), pressure sets and hot water packages, potable water storage skids, Commander Systems for potable water tank maintenance, oily water separators, Hypochlorite generators and now, the Owens brand of marine and offshore sanitation devices.

Green Marine is the oldest and most recognized full-service distributor for  marine sewage treatment, watermakers and other offshore solutions on the southern U.S. Gulf Coast, selling and servicing clients from Florida to Texas, and other off-shore companies who rely on Green Marine’s expertise.  To view videos and download brochures, click on the descriptive links.  Call or Email us Today for more information or to receive a quote. 504-833-7386.

Complete Potable Water Package
All in One 
The Blue Cube – 500BBL Watermaker
Marine Sewage Treatment
120BBL Model Watermaker
120BBL Model Watermaker




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